Humbleness as the key to leadership

Humbleness as the key to leadership

Dedication, planning, a winning team: all this is COMI

Umbleness is the value passed down to the team by founder and honorary president of COMI Spa, Enzo Ballabio that complements other fundamental principles such as enterprise, social responsibility and the orientation towards innovation. Such principles have been nurtured with the whole group by Franco Ballabio, ceo, supported by Michele Domenighini, Managing Director and Giovanni Nozza, General Manager. Comi adopted a winning philosophy. Since 1973, the year when the group was founded, it has designed thousands of high quality machines throughout the world, establishing itself as a recognised brand among the most prestigious in the main sectors where its machines find their application. The true key to success, though, is the dedication to clients with a continuous commitment in the support of cutting edge projects relying on the quality of Made in Italy. The enthusiasm and the experience acquired over the years have allowed Comi to become an undisputed leading company in the building and design of machines for thermal drilling, offering their customers a full service. Today the company thinks ahead also through an important expansion on the international market. For over a decade Comi has been engaged in the acquisition of companies that are complementary to the holding and can guarantee a full service to the global customers.


“We have recently established a new branch in Germany, widening the one in the United States, where the two departments offer a sale and after sale service with a faster and optimised management of local spare parts. We have also increased or production units in Italy with the new headquarters in Teglio Veneto and we have acquired a company in the automation sector to offer even more excellent and 4.0 orientated machines,” Franco Ballabio explains. Comi, with its headquarters in Ciserano and production centres in Levate, Vigevano, Teglio Veneto, and foreign branches in Dubai, Germany, the United States and China, over the next two years, has planned the opening of new business units in countries within and outside the European Communi- ty as well as a big project involving a production centre in China. Moreover, the research and development department is always looking for new technologies to reduce the energy consumptions of plants and to study machines that work ecosustainable materials as an alternative to plastics. The plants are equipped with artificial intelligence systems able to self-manage in terms of production and maintenance: “Today our clients can directly control their own plant, identifying any possible anomaly in real time. On the other hand, we always guarantee to our buyers a turnkey service, providing not only a mere machine, but a highly performing solution in all working conditions.” Thanks to the wide range of products they manufacture, Comi is a qualified partners to supply projects also to such complex sectors as the automotive and the aerospace ones. Comi currently employs 200 people and evidences a growth in the turnover by 10%, when compared to last year, generated for 95% by international markets with a 70% coverage of the global market of line thermal drilling machines and an outlook for 2020 characterised by a further growth, thanks to the acquisition of new clients.

“To ensure cutting edge machinery always in line with the most dispa- rate needs, we invest of our turno- ver in R&D 10%” Ballabio says. At Comi, the continuous evolution is the fruit of a continuous commitment by a team that involves all the employees. “In this way we not only consolidate positions, but we always aim at higher goals,” the manager of the company board concludes. All this has been made possible also thanks to the human values we have mentioned at the beginning that have always characterised the group helping the company to be turned from a family run reality into an international enterprise.