About This Project

Sheet Loader

When the production cycle requires high output rates, or the sheet shape can involve some handling problems upon loading or unloading, the standard single-station machine may be combined with an automatic sheet loading / unloading system.

The sheet transfer is obtained by means of a set of suckers, with no need for adjustment or set-up, even when changing over from a small to a larger sized part.

The loading carriage is driven by a motor system, assuring a vibration-free feeding and avoiding the sheet falling during the transfer. This system also assures a perfect centering of the workpiece on the window frame.

An automatic system centres the sheets before they are picked up and carried towards the forming zone. This system is capable to fit itself to the size of a sheet, by applying the information data taken from the parameters set through the display terminal.

Sheet Loader and Pre-Heating

The machine model with loader and pre-heating system is a further evolution of the version provided only with automatic loader, allowing an additional increase in the output rate, even with large sized tools.

  • The sheet conveyor system consists of guides and toothed chains
  • The integrated pre-heating station equipped with sheet loader allows a further reduction in the cycle times
  • The automatic unloader takes the thermoformed part out from the forming station and makes unloading easier, in particular when the part has sizes that makes difficult to move it

The sheet loader consists of a pick-up that can work with one or two sheet packs (according to the version installed). The loader is equipped with a movable sheet centering system, which assures a proper loading of materials into the chains.

On application where the drawing depth is particularly high (900 – 1000 mm), the thermoformed parts are unloaded by means of a movable roller line, where the feeding part is picked out from the chains and taken to the operator’s height level.