About This Project

AWJ JET is the series of cutting machines with removable bridge “gantry” type, idea for cutting of large pieces as well as high production volume thanks to the possibility to have the multiple cutting heads configuration (from 1 to 4 independent cutting heads). Several versions are available, in dimensions, with 3 or 5 axis head, even with twin mobile bridge.

The main feature of the 5 axes machine is the addition of two rotating movements of the head to the traditional Cartesian axes.

In this way, the jet can cut trough an area in every direction, the “A” axes being solely limited at +/-45° for safety reasons, whilst guaranteeing considerable precision. It also enables the use of the 2D system in intensive production at competitive price.

The use of 5 axis allows the automatic compensation of draft to follow a perfect geometry.


Water Jet cutting technology

This is the cutting technology that is quickly emerging in all major sectors, particularly in aeronautics. It has the huge advantage to allow the cutting, while avoiding at the same time any thermal and mechanical stress on the material, with evident advantages in terms of stability of physical properties. It is a concentrated, extremely powerful jet of water that, thanks to the latest technology, can reach an unbelievable pressure, more than 6,000 bar!

The water pressure is generated by a pump with an intensifier, and inserted in the supply circuit to get to the cutting head, which is equipped with a diamond nozzle with a very small calibrated hole. The water is accelerated up to 3 times the speed of sound and the energy so trapped by the water molecules, it becomes an extraordinary cutting tool, suitable for any material. At the jet with pure water, an abrasive can be added in order to amplify the power, and considerably increasing the cutting efficiency.

It is thus possible to cut extremely hard materials, such as stainless steel and marble with relatively important thickness.

Technical Data

Axes Strokes Axes Speed
X 1000-2000-3000-4000 mm 30 mt/1′
Y 1120-1620-2120-3120-4120 mm 30 mt/1′
Z 200-350 mm 15 mt/1′
A +/- 45°
C +10 /- 360°



Sheet Metal

industrial, waterjet cut