About This Project

COMI TEAS designs and manufactures completely automatic and performing systems with the highest degree of customization for the production of condensers and their application on refrigerated cabinets and well freezers, according to the multiple requests of our customers’ R & D divisions


We are able to realize

  • Serpentine condenser production lines for refrigerated side panels
  • Serpentine condenser production lines for U-shaped refrigerators
  • Stations for automatic application of condenser above side panels by taping
  • Stations for automatic application of condenser above side panels by gluing

The start of our condenser production lines is generally made by coils and includes straightening, cutting and accumulation hopper of the cut pipes in order to process multiple pieces during bending phase and reduce cycle times (up to 10-12 seconds in function of the number of folds).

At the end of the production phase each batch of coils is automatically taped to allow easy handling inside the plant.

In the presence of U-shaped mobile cabinets, depending on the design of the condenser a shooting station may be required to complete some folds.

In addition to the production of the condenser, COMI TEAS is also able to offer automatic or semi-automatic application stations of the tube serpentine directly on the side panels / cabinet.

The application cycle includes picking up the coil from a template for placing in shape, picking up and transferring the coil through a pick-up at the point of application along the side / mobile refrigerator, fixing and pressing.

The fixing phase can be done by single taping (possibly with aluminized tapes), taping with cover or by gluing with hot melt adhesives reinforced with aluminium (or other particulates).

Metal sheet, refrigerator