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  • Easy loading and unloading of workpieces.
  • Minimum clamping required because the workpiece weight sets and holds the part in place. No more workppiece warpage caused by hard clamping.
  • Avallable with gang type, single turret or double turret tooling configuration for mixed volume production.
  • It is ideal for high speed cutting on materials like steel, cooper, aluminum and casting. The machining accuracy of the workpiece is high.
  • High speed double turret can do individual or simultaneous turning for faster cycle times.
  • Optional C axis and live tooling VDI turret can perform multiple operations in one setup.
  • Heavy duty spindle uses large diameter NN double-row cylindrical bearings, delivering runout accuracy within 0.0001″ (0.003mm) .
  • Relatively small footpring saves valuable work space – perfect for automation or cell manufacturing.



  • 3 jaw hydraulic chuck (10″ for FVL-8 series/12″, 15″ for FVL-12 series/ 18″/ 21″ for FVL-20 series, 18″/ 21″/ 24″ for FVL-24 series).
  • V.D.I power turret (for FVL-8MC/ FVL-12MC/ FVL-20MC/ FVL-24MC).
  • V.D.I power tooling (for FVL-8MC/ FVL-12MC/ FVL-20MC/ FVL-24MC).
  • Spindle horse power 7.5/ 11 (α8i), 30/ 37 (α30i), 37/45 (α50i), 15/ 18.5 (αp30), 18.5/ 22 ( (αp40).
  • 2-speed ZF gearbox.
  • Air blast.
  • Coolant through tool.
  • Dust collector.
  • Automation devices.
  • Other CNC controls.
  • Chop cart
  • Combination type chip conveyor for aluminum wheel.
  • Spindle chiller.
  • Sling crane.
  • Different color.
  • CE mark.
  • Transformer for different voltage.
  • High efficiency oil mist collector.

Other dimensions on request

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FANUC Control

Box Way

Spindle Servo Motor: up to 40HP

Max. Swing Dia.: up to 858mm (34")

Max. Spindle Speed: 50~2,000rpm

Chuck Size: up to 600mm (24")

Turret No.: up to 2 sets

Live Tooling and C-Axis Available

Tailstock Version Available

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