About This Project

Integrate thermoforming machines with reinforcement spraying units and cutting centers to automate the production of bathtubs, jacuzzi, shower trays and walls


The production of hydro-sanitary systems is today facing the need to create significant volumes, with a range of models diversified in geometry and dimensions, in plastic materials that are adequately resistant and of high aesthetic quality.
The traditional process with the application of Gelcoat on a mold, to which a reinforcement made of glass fiber and resin is overlapped manually or by spray/cutting machine, does not represent the optimal and modern solution to these problems


The request was therefore created for highly automated production lines that can integrate different technologies:

Single-station or in-line thermoforming machines capable of printing large volumes, various geometries and multiple dimensions products
Reinforcing layer spraying units able to guarantee consistency of thickness and speed of application
Machining centers that can guarantee high cutting speed of parts perimeter and drilling of holes for water discharge and jet nozzles


COMI has already supported many leading manufacturers of hydro-sanitary systems worldwide in this process innovation, developing solutions to the specific needs of its customers.
Among the projects carried out in this sector, single-station thermoforming machines designed and installed are:

LaborForma model able to produce bathtubs, shower trays and other standard-sized sanitary ware
LaborForma model designed for the molding of medium/large size relax/jacuzzi tubs (2.4 by 2.4 meters, 2.4 by 4 to 7 meters rectangular shapes, with height up to 1.2 m)
• LaborPool model developed specifically for reel thermoforming of mini-pools by 2.4 x 12 meters, with production capacity suitable to follow the expected growth of customer sales volumes over a 5+ years time horizon.
Several customers have been supported by COMI to integrate robot or manual units capable of accelerating the spraying process of the reinforcing layer on the back of the outer skin in plastic material, also equipped with waste recovery systems.
Prestigious manufacturers have completed the production line with machinery dedicated to the perimeter cutting and drilling of their hidro-sanitary systems, including:

5-axis CNC machining centers, LaborMix model, for working with standard baths and shower trays.
Robot units equipped with a shuttle for medium-large hydro-sanitary systems.

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