About This Project

LaborMax is an extremely versatile working center capable to satisfy the milling requirements on a wide variety of materials, with characteristics which made it the best solution for composite materials working operations.

Available in several standard dimensions and versions, with fixed, rotary (pallet changer) or extractable tables, with different power working head, with linear or rotary tool magazines.

LaborMax is distinguishing for the great versatility, the wide possibility to furthermore complete the machine with auxiliary devices, the stiffness of the structure, for whole technical characteristics which position it at the top of its category.


Technical data

Axes Strokes Axes Speed
X 3.200 – 4.200 – 5.200 – 6.200 mm 80 m/min
Y 2.000 – 2.600 mm 80 m/min
Z 900 – 1.200 mm 40 m/min
A(*) +/- 120° 40 m/min
C(*) +/- 365° 30 m/min

NOTES: (*) Variable depending on the head type

Spindle features

Power 10 – 18 kW
Torque 9,5 – 13,5 Nm
Speed 18.000 – 24.000 rpm




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