About This Project

At the forefront of composite boat parts milling with 5-axis CNC centers


The growth of composite materials used in diversified industrial sectors has created the need for 5-axis CNC machining centers that can combine high productivity with high precision, reduce workpiece handling times, and address the issue of operator safety. In order to achieve these objectives, the COMI Engineering department has optimized the configuration of a new TechMill CNC center called LaborMac.

The pursuit of extreme rigidity has led to the adoption of a monolitic structure with a Gantry mobile portal on the Y axis, which significantly limits vibrations contributing to achieve excellent finishes even at high speed. For milling composite parts that require maximum precision, TechMill install advanced measurement systems such as inductive lines on linear axes and direct encoders on rotating axes.

The head is the heart of every CNC working center, that is the reason why TechMill designs all of its heads in-house and completes them with electro-spindles of optimized power to materials, dimensions, workpiece geometry: LaborMac is equipped with an aluminum head with 2 continuous interpolated axes transmitting the movements of the rotary axes (A and C) thanks to servomotors connected to high precision gearboxes and measuring systems with absolute encoders, while to optimize the performance on composite materials it has been chosen a 15 kW ( S1) electro-spindle with 12 Nm torque capable of operating up to 24,000 rpm, equipped with 4 high precision ceramic bearings


Thanks to the large doors with automatic pneumatic opening, you can easily access the worktop where the axes strokes allow to mill parts up to 2000 x 1000 mm and height 750 mm.

In order to operate in masked time, TechMill has designed a rotating table system that allows loading and preparing a new piece outside of the machine without ever stopping it.

Another field of attention of the operators is the pieces blocking, for which modern equipment is developed that quickly and effectively make the fastening of complex geometry parts


Increasing attention is also driven to operators safety, which leads companies to request systems for the containment and aspiration of dust and processing waste. The modern retractable folding roof strongly limits the escape of fumes, dust and chips of carbon / glass fibers, composite material and coolant from the work area, while ensuring the brightness inside the machine. The dust conveying, extraction and filtration systems are designed to provide the proper level of individual protection to harmful dust and risk of explosiveness

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