About This Project

COMI TEAS designs and manufactures completely automatic and performing systems with the highest degree of customization for the production of furniture panels for both refrigerators and washing machines according to the multiple aesthetics proposed by our customers’ R & D divisions


Our systems can realize

  • U-shaped cabinet line
  • Side panels line
  • Panel lines with Joder profiles
  • Panel lines with clinched, riveted or welded reinforcements
  • Top panel production lines

The start of our production lines for sheet metal panels for furniture can be either from coils or from pre-cut blanks for different thicknesses and types of material (black plate, pre-painted sheet or stainless steel).

The range of dimensions and characteristics of the models produced within the same production plant can be completely customized.

Through automatic and integrated transfers, the metal sheet is then centered, trimmed if necessary, and then moved through the various work benches according to the specific needs of the model to be produced.

The stations generally involved include: blanking units, profiling, longitudinal bending machines, bending machines for short sides, tilting machines, U-bending machines and application units for masking tapes application units for reinforcements.

The folds of the various panels can be made by integrating roller profiling units or electrically operated folding machines according to the various types of product to be produced.

COMI TEAS is able to integrate its production lines with automatic stations for the production and application of the condenser inside the side panels by fixing with conductive adhesives or simple taping.

COMI TEAS supplies its lines equipped with complete sets of the highest quality tools, completely made in Italy.

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