SMART-H/B 2440

About This Project


  • Longitudinal slideways
  • High precision heavy duty spindle design
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Stable feed , superior accuracy
  • Smooth and accurate wheelhead movement
  • Automatic wheel dressing with
  • Compensation
  • Computer-Aided engineering
  • Spindle head counterweight balance system
  • Hydraulic system temperature regulator



  • Grinding Wheel Dynamic balancer.
  • Coolnat System With Auto Paper Filter & Magnetic Separator.
  • Coolnat System With Auto Paper Filter.
  • Three Point Double Recessed .
  • Dual Support Rolling Type Wheel Dresser.
  • Table Mount Disc Dresser With Coolant Pipe.
  • Universal Table Mount Disc Dersser With Coolant Pipe.
  • Roller Balancing Stand.
  • Balancing Stand.
  • Grinding Wheel.
  • Double Recessed.
  • Wheel Flange

Other dimensions on request

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3-Axis CNC

Conversational SMART Control

Table Size (W x L): up to 600 x 2,000mm (24" x 80")

Spindle Power: up to 25HP Greater Spindle HP Available

Standard Spindle Speed: 600rpm to 2,500rpm (B818III 1,000 to 7,000 rpm)(higher spindle speed is available on request)

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