About This Project

In collaboration with the Research and Development office of its customers, COMI designs and manufactures highly automated working units for spraying resins used to reinforce thermoformed plastic parts

This working unit has been designed to spray reinforcing / insulation polyurethane foams on specially designed templates.

Machine structure
The structure of the machine guarantees maximum operator safety

  • Fully closed cabin, completely closed by perimeter walls and steel roof
  • Automatically operated front doors and manual side access door
  • Protection of the working area outside the cell with photoelectric barriers.
  • Working table
    The project is customized to promote high accessibility and flexibility in the management of workpieces:

    • System with rotating tables or slide-through tables, which allow the loading/unloading of pieces in masked time
    • System with fixed tables, with the possibility of translating inside the unit in the case of pieces higher than the robot’s reach
    • Pumps for vacuum application aimed at clamping the pieces on the templates

    Spraying and milling units
    The cell sprays two-component resins through an operating unit consisting of:

    • High pressure machine for dispensing
    • Automatic mixing head
    • Pipes, tanks and loading pumps, kits for dehumidifying materials drums, and other accessories

    Robot & software

    • 6-axis anthropomorphic robot
    • Mounted on the ground on a fixed platform or on a moving carriage
    • Robot control unit
    • Software for programming the robot

    COMI is able to provide turn-key working units which integrate systems and equipment such as:

    • Automatic identification and blocking systems for parts
    • Molds designed according to customer drawings and completely made in Italy
    • Air purification systems from volatile organic substances present during spraying
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