About This Project

VentorFast is a 5-axis machining centre “portal” type with mobile bridge and fix working table, designed to obtain the maximum rigidity and the best resistance even under the most severe working conditions.

The vertical axis rigidity is guaranteed by movement performed along 4 guides within the “RAM” “box-in-box” structure.

The X/Y/Z axis displacement is obtained by dual drive gantry system, while the axes positioning accuracy is detected by optical lines.

The machine can be equipped with 5 axes continuous interpolation as well as with “Index” type heads.

VentorFast performs high speed machining and high accuracy processing of aluminum and steel, with proved successfull applications in the aerospace sector.


Technical data

Axes Strokes Axes Speed
X 2.000 – 20.000 mm 30 m/min
Y 1.600 – 4.000 mm 30 m/min
Z 1.000 – 2.000 mm 30 m/min
A(*) +/- 120° 180° /sec
C(*) +/- 365° 180° /sec

NOTES: (*) Variable depending on the head type

Spindle features

Power 10 – 65 kW
Torque 0 – 180 Nm
Speed 5.000 – 18.000 rpm




aerospace, automotive, CNC milling, CNC milling, CNC milling, CNC milling, Household Appliances, Mold & Die