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ABB AND THE INDUSTRIAL SUSTAINABILITY The term "sustainability" is now on the agenda and is used in all sectors especially in the industrial one. Sustainable industry integrates three dimensions into its business model: environmental, social and economic-financial.The goal is to trigger an ecological-digital transition of the...

The Italian machine manufacturer equips its thermoforming systems with Siemens software. Comi has paid particular attention to Industry 4.0 capability in its thermoforming machines. That‘s why the lines are equipped with the latest generation of Siemens Human Machine Interface (HMI) software. This allows users to detect...

Solutions from COMI are a reference point for thermoforming machines employed in refrigerator manufacturing and other industrial sectors. For more than 45 years, COMI S.p.A. thermoforming machines have been setting new benchmarks for efficiency and performance. Now the solutions support even more efficient operations, enabling significantly...