WaterJet cut

awj jet

Water Jet cutting technology

This is the cutting technology that is quickly emerging in all major sectors, particularly in aeronautics. It has the huge advantage to allow the cutting, while avoiding at the same time any thermal and mechanical stress on the material, with evident advantages in terms of stability of physical properties. It is a concentrated, extremely powerful jet of water that, thanks to the latest technology, can reach an unbelievable pressure, more than 6,000 bar!

fb jet

FB JET is our “entry level” waterjet machine, recognized by customers for its excellent quality/price ratio.


Themachine structure is cantilever type, with accessibility on three sides, while the stainless steel water tank is separated by the basement to avoid any cutting vibration transmission.

cutting box

Cutting Box is the most advanced solution in our waterjet cutting systems.


Conceived as an independent station, it is usually integrated in highly automated manufacturing lines with stressful working cycles.


COMI presents its High Precision Model, type “LCJET III” 3 axes.

The system is based on a homogenous and user-friendly assembly which uses all the current state-of-the-art techniques.

The stainless steel and modular Housing + Chassis are well adapted to the teaching environment and environmental concerns in the workshop!