laser cut


COMI TEAS has been transforming for years automotive and home appliance production with the versatility and quality of laser technology

The best companies producing CO2 laser sources and optical fibre partner with us to provide complete robot automated units for plastics and composites parts cutting and finishing and for metal components welding/cutting. 

simo 3d

SIMO is targeted to the three-dimensional laser cutting of thermoformed parts for the automotive industry.


The absence of contact between tool and the part to be cut makes, compared with traditional cutting systems, improves the quality due to limited material stress, makes the cutting speed very high, increases the productivity.

senior 2d

The bi-dimensional laser cutting machine mod. SENIOR F/R is a fixed table system and chuck equipped with laser sources from 200W to 2000W.


The overall dimensions are limited, allowing an easy access for the loading and unloading processes.