About This Project

The thermoforming machine type HEDL is suitable to work plastic material in reel or in sheets (ABS / HIPS) with thickness from 0,8 mm to 2 mm. and is designed for inner doors of domestic refrigerators production.
The coil supply ensures a very high productivity, while a range of options make the machine particularly fast in the mould changeover and set-up: the peculiarity of the machine is due to the opportunity to cut directly into the forming station.


Productivity table

Inner doors

HIPS 9,0 mm – 0,354 inch Fino a 320 p/h
ABS 9,0 mm – 0,354 inch Fino a 320 p/h


Standard dimensions

2000 x 900 x 200* mm | 78,7 x 35,4 x 7,8* inch

2200 x 1000 x 200* mm | 86,6 x 39,3 x 7,8* inch

* profondità disponibile fino a 800 mm – 31,5 inch


from reel to reach a very high productivity, or sheet


- single top panel at 3 steps (reel) or 2 sandwich panels (Sheet) - IR ceramic, quartz, or fl ash black heating elements


- Forming by vacuum in the mould, with ballooning through a bell integrated in the mould - Compressed air at 2/5 bar inside the bell, to support vacuum - positive or negative moulds


- perimetal cut by guillotine or punching presses - chip cutting system at exit station

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